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Pine Hill Equipment, Inc. is proud to represent Palfinger Marine on the US EAST COAST as well as the GREAT LAKES of the United States.

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Cranes for Off-Shore, Ship Mounted and On-Shore Applications:

Knuckle Boom Cranes – from 2.3 mt to 330.0 mt
Telescopic Boom Cranes – from 20.2 mt to 183.5 mt
Stiff Boom Cranes – from 9.9 mt to 182.6 mt
Custom Cranes – Built to your specifications.

Cranes for all aspects of marine industry:

Research, Conservation and Exploration
Military Sealift Command (MSC)
Navy / USNS
Fishing and Fish Farming
Marine Construction
Marine Towing
Ferries, Launch Services and Water Taxis
Shipping and Transport Vessels
Wind Farm Support

Cranes for all needs, on the ship or at dock:

Launch and recovery
Emergency equipment deployment
Loading and unloading
Stores and gear handling aboard ship
Fuel hose handling

PHE gives you the complete package...

ABS, DNV and Special Certifications
Electric, Gas or Diesel Power Units
Standard and Custom
Explosion Proof
On Deck Grade
Below Deck Grade
Custom Enclosures
Winches - Standard, Custom, Constant Tension
Hydro-graphic / Oceanographic Cable handling
High wire capacity
Custom Single or Two part Rigging Kits
Radio Remote Controls
Control all functions, even attachments and safety functions
Pendant (wired) remote control stations
Fully wireless "belly" pack controls piece
All-In-One Skid Solutions
Complete bolt down skids
Available with popular Baxter Bolt Pattern or in any configuration needed
Custom CAD design to suite your application
Anti-2-Block Systems
CraneSmart Safety Systems
Mass Load Crane Scales and Weighing Systems
Standing Platforms, Seats and Crane Cabs
Grapples and debris handling equipment
Wind indicators
Pile Driving Equipment
Factory Trained Installation, Testing & Operator Training
Spare Part and Hose Kits
After Sales Parts and Service
Service and regular maintenance
Our skilled and knowledgeable professionals are here when you need us. Either over the phone or in person.
All this with the reliability of onsite service, whether you are down the street or across the country. We support everything we sell.

Call us today with your application and we will help you choose the correct crane for your job.



loadercrane_sticker_ktl_fancy.jpgThe right surface treatment is the foundation for a durable and long-lasting surface protection. The components pass through the priming and painting process stages fully automatically. Through this innovative technology for surface coating, PALFINGER creates a quality standard that is usually only found in the automobile industry.
1. The crane components are cleaned of all impurities by means of cut steel shot blasting.
2. The components are degreased, rinsed, activated and coated with zinc phosphating in the individual immersion tanks.
3. After two additional rinsing processes, the surfaces are passivated as well as rinsed with ultra-pure water.
4. The electrostatic cathodic dip painting follows by immersing the crane components completely in the paint.
5. Excess paint is washed off in two additional operations with an ultra-filtration rinse.
6. Afterwards, the paint is cured at a temperature of 115 degrees for 1.5 hours.
7. At the end, the crane components are given a water-soluble, environmentally friendly two-component finish coat of paint by a painting robot.

Today, radio remote control is almost considered to be standard equipment when it comes to modern truck-mounted cranes. PALFINGER radio remote controls are equipped with a choice of a linear lever or cross lever and provide the greatest possible comfort. For cranes with PALTRONIC, an LED or LCD graphic display informs the crane operator of the different operating conditions.
The remote control console (transmitter) is responsible for transmitting the commands made on the levers to the receiver. The receiver forwards the signals to the electronics, which convert them into crane movements by means of hydraulic control valves.

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